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Sunday, January 8, 2012


A good gal is giving ya a gallery

Writing is work, sure it is. I don't wanna work on a sunday, God's against it. Work was also to fill this gap in my doorframe. We did it approximately two weeks ago.

Mischa, who's living in this great house too, helped me mix up the mass to fill the gap.

 That's what it looked like afterwards. The gap was nearly 10 centimeters deep so we needed a lot of spatula mass. nearly 20 kilogramm

After so much work it's always good to have tea. Well, tea is indeed always a good idea, so it's also a good idea after work. Or, like the moment of above's picture, between Christmas celebrations. This year there were four celebrations on the three days of christmas. The last day acutally was rather dull. Another celebration could have fitted in. Anybody up for a Christmas celebration at lunchtime of the 26th of december??

Different reason, great celebration as well: New Year's eve. We had it all. Booze, Food, dance, people, fireworks 

and funny hats

Still, we managed to get the house tidied up again...

 later, we did...

Wanna see a bit more of the house 'n' stuff? 

Main common room

My cozy room 

Front Yard

and kitchen

We also have a back yard that's pretty big, and a garage, an entrance hall, two more floors and a cellar, but I don't have decent pictures of them. Anyway, it's not all finished yet. Still, you might get a nice overview from what I've been working on these past weeks. Furnishing this house meant an aweful lot of trips to Ikea during the rare occasions my work didn't keep me busy. I'm wakeing at six and returning home at seven. Sometimes I do sports after work. This eats a lot of time, especially as it means that I'm tired, awefully tired afterwards. Work itself is okay though, I'm rather good at what I'm doing and that's always rewarding. Also, I'm takeing trips once in a while. Next week for example I'm flying to Bonn to visit those lovely people I lived with for nearly half a year. Then again, I'll be back to Regensburg for a reading session of my writer's club. Sometimes I even see my friends. But I hardly have time to relax and think. It's always something to do. Still, I'll try to keep you all up to date once in a while.

Maybe I'll do it in English again, 'cause foreign languages just rule and English is so much shorter than German. Especially with all the abbreviations ;)


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